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A message that now has a voice of Hilary Duff!

Hilary Duff’s kick-ass reply to body-shaming! Well known actress and singer Hilary Duff who was recently body shamed during her vacations in Hawaii shared a picture of herself in a swimsuit along with a very strong message about post delivery image. The picture shows the actress’s back to the camera and she is holding her […]

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4 Important Factors to Choose the Best Hair Colour

According to your appearance, it becomes critical to choose the best hair colour. When you change the colour of your hair, you’ll be amazed at the awesome new look that you obtain. When you are considering picking the right hair colour for your hair, there are lots of factors involved. These factors must be seen closely to […]

Shopping Streets in India

Top 5 Splendid Shopping Streets In India

Does shopping entices you? Well, whom doesn’t? Shopping is one of the most fun loving and important activities in India. Especially for the one who are shopping freaks and love to revamp their closet as often as possible. And when it comes to shopping from streets, we feel extremely good purchasing goods at reasonable price. […]


For all the Biryani lovers out there: let’s excite those taste buds!

Biryani – The king of Indian food Biryani is a spicy Indian dish made up of basmati rice with mostly mutton, chicken or vegetable and flavourful spices. The name itself triggers happy hormones in anyone living in India. Whenever there is a festival or a function or any happy event, we celebrate it with this […]