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Single and happy is the new way of life. Know how!

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Falling in love is the most beautiful and moreover the easiest thing you can ever encounter. Although finding the Mr. Perfect deserving that love is not pretty much easy. Maybe that’s because real life is way more different than those dreamy fairy-tale stories we all always fantasize about. My question is why do the difficult job when you have the easy path. Easy path of loving things beyond that perfect man of your imagination. “You really are not single, when you are single”. It’s a game of perception. Let’s be a champion of this game and find out what loving is about when you are single.

Fall for yourself.

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Why not begin and fall for no one other than yourself. Admiring the one who is always with you, without any fail. Loving the person you see every morning in the mirror whom you never have to give an explanation for any of your decisions. Enjoy whatever you do, enjoy yourself and eventually you will realize how beautiful your life is. Loving yourself passionately would be the best gift you will ever present to yourself. No broken promises, no expectations, Completely in Love. A free bird in this world.

Trips and Tours.


The World is a beautiful place to wander. Why spend entire of your life in a limited circle of your own. Cross the boundaries, break the barriers, pack your bags and set yourself free. From mild soothing breezes of top hills to deep calm oceans. Paragliding, river-rafting, bungee jumping, Whatever excites and scares you at the same time deserves one chance. Afterall you live only once, make it worthy. Try rising with the sun at one place and enjoy the sunset at some other. Along with spending the night with the moon at a totally different one. Try losing up yourself in an unknown corner of the world and maybe you end up finding yourself.

Starters to Desserts.


Salty, Spicy or Sweet. What’s the love of your taste bud? Never commit the mistake of confining yourself to the beautiful kitchen of your house. Push yourself to try something new. Moreover, the way to a person’s heart goes through the stomach, so win your heart and try dishes you have only heard of. Maybe fantasized of or might never hear or seen before. It’s high time to try those exotic dishes and mouthwatering food.



Why loving one individual, when you have love enough for the entire universe. Being someone’s reason of smile is way better than being someone’s better half. One of the most interesting ways to live life is to find new ways to show your compassion and do it as cheerfully as possible.

Pets are love

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Adorable puppies, cute kitties or chirping birdies around you, sounds beautiful. Isn’t it. Love does not understand words.


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"Words have more power than swords". Wisely chosen, can change lives and slightly wrong ones can break hearts. Love to play with words draped with feelings.

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